Walkin' The Line
Made in America in 2011
Walkin' The Line
is what you get when you take five musicians at the top of their games and put them together with one ENTERTAIN!!
They don't care if its in somebody's backyard garden or the Boston Garden, every show has to be like a mini concert and the energy level always has to be high.
The band is not named after any one person because every member is equally responsible for the success of the show, and they all pull double duty. Lead singers Ashley and Kevin not only belt out incredible lead and backing vocals all night but help fill out the sound with fiddle and acoustic guitar respectively. Jordan (bass) and Steve (guitar) not only shred on their axes but sing lead and provide two parts of the beautiful harmonies WTL is known for. Providing the back bone for the band, drummer John Repucci is also responsible for the bands sound, mixing both front of house and monitors from behind the drums, often all at the same time.

What You'll Get At A WTL Show
WTL promises you will always get 110% from them playing the best current and classic country music as well as the occasional rock song and killer medleys that combine many genres in one song.  They want every show to be party and for the crowd to be as much a part of the experience as the band. They'll gladly play their version of "Happy Birthday" for any fans celebrating their special day, as well as shout outs to anniversaries, special occasions and of course honor any current or former members of our military for their service.

What You Won't Get...
You won't get a set of original music...or any for that matter. There are plenty of great bands playing original music out there but WTL was built to be a great cover band, nothing more, nothing less. Every member of the band however, can be found playing on original music in various genres with other projects.
So they won't sell you CD',s however, they do have cool t-shirts if you want one but are just as happy if you spend your money supporting their sponsor, Jack Daniels.

So stop by a show, support live music and have a great time!!  You can find their next show over on the Calendar page.

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